Review of Noliwe Rooks, Cutting School

Nearly every day, it seems, brings a new headline about failing public schools and the reform du jour that will turn them around. Typically, these involve some degree of privatization (e.g., vouchers, scholarship tax credits, etc.) or pseudo-privatization (e.g., charter schools, outsourcing essential functions of the public system to private corporations, etc.). In Cutting School: … Continue reading Review of Noliwe Rooks, Cutting School

Reagan’s Farewell Address, Revisited (Part II)

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Address. As I discussed in my previous post, the speech is rife with historical missteps. But revisiting Reagan’s address thirty years on also allows us to take note of another remarkable change that has occurred over the past three decades. Let’s start here: Remember the polarized … Continue reading Reagan’s Farewell Address, Revisited (Part II)

Origin Story

As historians, we often argue over definitions. For instance, what exactly do we mean when we speak of, say, the “civil rights movement”? Are we defining that narrowly, as a social movement that existed from the mid-1950s to the late 1960s, or are we willing to broaden our time horizons? And which people or groups … Continue reading Origin Story